About me

I am a full-time technical writer (specialising in API documentation) for the engineering software company Aucerna in London.

Samples of my programming activities are on Github.

In spare time I do occasional work as a consultant for the science communication agency Design Science.

I do freelance work on proofreading and editing of academic writing (theses, dissertations) or technical writing. I also do private mathematics tuition: I specialise in secondary maths (KS3 and GCSE), and helping teachers and trainees to prepare for the QTS Numeracy Test.

Other things I have done

In a previous career I was an academic researcher in mathematics education and worked at the University of London Institute of Education, Imperial College London, and the University of Sussex. I got a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College in 1992, and an MA in Mathematics Education at the Institute of Education in 1999.

Art of Anamorphosis is a maths-art education project which started as an exhibition and website in 2000.

About this site

I am moving this site from a Drupal-based dynamic site to a Pelican-based static site. Please excuse appearance and limited content while the work is being done.

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